Saturday, 21 November 2009

This Night

I am lost in this world
without you-
but just this.

My others are quenched
with salt water,
repeat prescriptions.
It is neither folly nor pain,
just two hands on the face,
I cannot replace.
I cannot replace.

You may be eclipsed
tonight thus far.
A kingdom of cloud thickens our page.
An empire of thunder
sits under my age,
whilst those hands
dance dainty plans
on the land of our love.

I am forgotten.
Or, at least, soon to be
if not just a rotten taste
in your wild jaws.

Oh wolf,
you stalk less like me,
but more like she
with her wrinkly eyes
and those constant flies
that flood her perfect personality.

A wittled witch,
living on a chicken leg,
she prays even on the mantis,
held tight.

I saw a fox tonight
through the looking glass.
Not a wolf, nor the moon,
and it wasn’t you in disguise
trying to pass through my door.

I have dreams of you
sitting on the step whilst I am awake.
In tears you pull the fears
from your cap
like a dead white rabbit.

You say
“We could have it,”
and I let you in to my room
thick with gloom,
amongst cartons and my wicker bed
alight with flames of blue and red.

But, what if it’s dead?
(that timeless catch you had)
I always said that I could lower the gate
making way for plastic hate (melt)
and squashed, barbaric customs.

I doubt that day shall ever come
when I can say, highly strung,
that I have nothing left for you.

You have forever ended my heart.
Its valves are dry,
alone they cry for blood soaked love.

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