Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Wishing Well

the wishing well is empty.
well, the well is not quite empty,
there are several dry leaves dancing in the bottom.

I have tried to climb the bricks many a time,
and quite often I have come halfway,
I have been at the top with the bright light,
eyes alight and mind on fire,
but always, always,
I find myself back in the dark.

Well, the well is not always empty,
it can be the skeletons of blackbirds,
their corpses rotted away.

The feathers take the longest to rot
you see a feather is almost like bone
and bones never rot. Unfortunately.

I always think about the bones,
I forget they're there and then I remember and then
and then I'm at the bottom of the well again.

I think that one day, i'll have to go and see them
so that they can throw the rope down to the bottom of the wishing well and i'll be able to climb out and just have to think and be more careful of them in the future.

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