Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Gulls Scream Louder Than the Pigeons

The gulls scream louder than the pigeons,
especially in the deep dark.
At night,
they creep in the sky,
flittering to the moon to visit the witch.

Invisible and loud,
their wings like forks covered in dust and dried porridge oats,
they fall in to the sink and

They sound like screaming, tortured puppies.
Hot pokers, knives and things.
They dance through the clouds, and scream,
they scream until I wake and have to blindly urinate.

Eyes closed I hold my hand out
in the hallway hidden with ghosts trying to find the door,
I crawl back in to my warm bed,
push the duvet under my feet and sleep,
i spoon the cushion.
I'm going to have a good day today.
I'm going to have a good day today.

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